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Morning Mumblings

It’s brisk and sunny outside today and although I’ve had enough winter and snow at this point I found it pleasant outside.

I’ve been very busy at work and home and just have not had the time for online chats, LJ or IRC like I use to. In a way I feel like I’m starting to fade a bit with my fur friends and that’s a bad thing. I think tonight I’ll make a visit to the fursuit channel to hang with some of my friends. It’s been two months and that’s far too long.

Well it looks like is starting to take off. It’s an idea that I came up with for fursuit identification and worked out the details with radjin and neouka. Radjin took the project and ran with it creating both the domain name and website. Although it’s still in it’s infancy Radjin and I plan to improve and increase the database over time.

I’m starting to really like what folks can do with Photoshop and related graphics programs. Yesterday I commented on freakylynx's journal about a coaster he posted pictures of. Take a look at his post. You won’t believe what this terror really looks like. And yes, I still think anyone who rides it has a death wish. Anyways, thanks to the magic of kinkyturtle and some great editing software Growl was not only brave enough to ride it but actually rode in the front seat. Anyone else brave enough to join me? ;)

Have a great day everyone!
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Growl - Fursuit

Megaplex 2005

Megaplex was great. I had a lot of fun meeting up with friends and fursuiting. My roomates were a lot of fun to hang with too. Thanks blazerraccoon, kimberfox, neouka and coffy123. You guys were awesome. It was also wonderful being with my mate radjin again. Booking adjoining rooms was a pain but man with all the fun we had I’m almost tempted to do that again for next year. ;)

Our rooms seemed to end up being the fursuit party room at MP which was a hoot and some of the antics that went on leads me to believe that fursuiters are the nuttiest furs in fandom. Heh. It was great meeting up with jugularjaguar, latinvixen02, tiggycat, t_h_squirrel, Tilt, Cat, tonyringtail, Ronin Otter, bradhound, slyphox, antimon, perro, darkwolph, yippee and everyone else who I saw at the con.

The short of it. Seaworld was right across the street and it was well worth the trip on Thursday. Funspot was a ton of fun even though there were less kids there for some reason this year. I thoroughly enjoyed the dances at the con. The funny thing is that Megaplex is a small con and I enjoy the dances there more so than any other con because they play music that’s fursuit friendly and it’s good music. Thanks to all the DJ’s at MP for that! Getting my new doggie fursuit was awesome. Thanks again latinvixen02. I still need a name for him though. Sheesh...I’m so terrible with names. Hey, wipeout I need your help here. radjin suited for the first time at MP. He was in both Growl and my new suit and I was very impressed. He's a natural ham in suit and I had a lot of fun anticing with him.

Oh, before I forget. Radjin has most of his pictures up for Megaplex. He will be posting mpegs when he has time and I still have to add my photo’s to his so make sure to check back down the road. His site is:

Okay, the rest of my con report is going to be done with pictures. Thanks to Radjin and everyone who took pictures for him while he was in suit. Now that I'm done my report I'm going to try to catch up reading a few of the 100's of posts I've missed...try being the word. ;)

Have a great day everyone!

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Growl - Fursuit

FunSpot Event

Holy cow...has it been a year already?!? I spoke yesterday with Jugular Jaguar and found out that he and Latin Vixen are planning to make a trip to FunSpot once again during Megaplex. I was there last year and had a blast. Thank you both for planning last years trip and for organizing it again this year. It’s a shame that Megaplex doesn’t recognize this event officially or the contributions of JJ and LV for this since the fursuiters who have attended have had so much fun every year doing it. For fursuiters it’s a great opportunity to get a taste of what it’s like to mascot in a real amusement park and to have a lot of fun on the rides at the same time.

March 2004

I’ll be there again this year and if anyone else is at Megaplex or in the area feel free to join us. If you don’t have a suit you can still spot for us, take pictures or just enjoy the rides while the suiters wander around being silly.

If you want more information about this feel free to check out this link.

Have a great day everyone! ^_^

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Take Action - (Repost From Neouka)


We have a serious problem overcoming the Furry community, one that is demeaning and just plain cruel at times.

It's one of those things where, one day, it may have been socially acceptable to perform, but in today's modern age, we must fight to stop the wrongdoing! This is 2005, not 1955!

The innocence of the involved parties is at stake! They only wish to live free and carry on normal lives.

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Growl - Fursuit

FC Picture

I don’t know who took this picture but it came from . Thanks for passing this link on to me last night Neouka. And, what can I say? It’s not often raccoons get a chance to put garbage on a wuff. That was a special moment for us. ;)

"Growlcoon, Chairo Raccoon, and TJ Wolf"
FC 2005 - FVS - Raccoon Skit

As far as cons go. All my reservations have been made for Megaplex and AC. So those two cons are a go.

Outside of fandom, life has been very hectic as I’m getting ready for a move to a new apartment. Last night I was breaking down my three pinball machines for the move. Man those things are heavy. I’m probably going to start moving things this weekend. It’s only 5 minutes away from Rory’s place which, for the most part is fur central in Rochester. Having a friend nearby will make life much less stressful and of course spending less on rent is also a bonus. ^^

Have a great day everyone.
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Growl - Fursuit

FC 2005 - Con Report

I’m back from FC. It was a fun and memorable trip. Some of the highlights were;

1. Making a good friend at the con and spending a lot of time at the con and traveling around the area with him. Thanks for all your hospitality radjin. *hugs*

2. Having a blast fursuiting and being goofy all over the con with neouka.

"Trouble Makers"

3. Participating in the raccoon skit in the FVS. Originally I was the only one in the skit. Thankfully Neo and I were able to recruit others for it. And thanks for setting up the skit yippee. That was a lot of fun.

4. Meeting old friends (Dusty Rhoades and Granite) who I haven’t seen in many years. Meeting you both was very cool.

5. Meeting all the furs I love to hang with at the cons. Too many to list but you know who you are.

7. Biting Baku Jaguar (Neouka) on the leg during one of our tumbles around the con and having it mentioned in the local newspaper.

8. Getting and unexpected present from tenax. Thanks for the raccoon figurine my friend. *hugs*

9. Seeing the popular tourist traps in San Francisco, including the Golden Gate Bridge and Lombar Street with friends.

10. Going to see the giant redwood trees up in the mountains.

11. Spending time on the Santa Cruz Board Walk and checking out the sights.

12. Getting away from all this snow and cold. Sheesh. I want to go back right now.

13. Missing my connection in Chicago on the way home because my flight out of San Jose was delayed 2 hours. I discovered that Ohare completely shuts down by 11pm. Staying there all night was not fun.

Radjin has the pictures we both took at his site for those interested. His site is: .

Oh, I also discovered that it’s not good to rely on those special TSA approved locks when flying. I’m guessing they were cut off because every one of the ones used was missing when I got my bags back. I lost 3 of them and one of them was a large lock for my action packer. I just thought I’d pass that along.
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FC - Time ta Partay!

It's been a rough couple of months but things are looking up. With FC and a little vacation time starting tomorrow how can they not? ;)

Take care everyone and I hope that those going to FC will have a safe trip. I'll see you there tomorrow. ^.^
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Sad News

My grandmother died at 9am this morning in the hospital. I'm okay for the most part. I know my friends will want to wish condolences and such, and thank you for that but I really can't bring myself to discuss it at all right now. The funeral will probably be on Friday. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will probably be out of contact with most folks until at least the weekend.

Oh, and Jugular Jaguar thank you for the phone message last night. I will be sure to phone you back early next week.

Be well everyone.